The Farm Music is a recording and mix studio based in the country side of Denmark. Close to nature with space to dream big dreams and to think big thoughts and being creative.

The studio rooms are bright with lot’s of natural light…so if your into a dark basement studio…don’t come here…

The studio is owned my musician couple Trine Lunau and Peter Sund…they also live next door with the family and border collie dog Milo. Trine and Peter are songwriters and artist in the band Lunau&Sund.

The studio is a moden hybrid recording studio based around a Protools HD3 system and Neve 8816 analog summing with Neve 33610 masterbuss compressor.

We have a excellent collection of highend microphones – Telefunken, Neumann and DPA ect. and a equally great mic’pres… AMS Neve 1073 and Focusrite ISA.

We also have a bunch of instruments at the studio… the biggest one is the Yamaha G5 grand piano but we also have a original Fender Rhodes Seventy Tree, too Ludwig drumsets, one Heyman drum-set, Arturia soft-synth…. Peter’s collection of guitars and Trines collection accordions. Plus all sorts of percussion and sound making gadgets.

Wan’t to sleep over?

For longer sessions its possible to stay at the studio. We have a old playhouse in the garden that is converted into a double bed annex. Inside the studio its also possibly to crash at the loft in the control room.